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                        What is Crazy Techie?

Crazy Techie is a platform that helps each and every enthusiast to learn about new technologies at their own pace which is easy to digest.

                 The mission of Crazy Techie

The mission of crazy-techie is to enable each learner to learn with the correct RoadMap and with the correct mindset in the right direction so everyone can achieve even better than they think.

Mission of Crazy-techie is to guide all learns to become crazy about the things to learn

👉 This is a platform that generates craziness among you to learn anything and become a good learner.

👉 Everyone including students or professional is not on the same level, And need an initial level of spark to maintain consistency while learning new things. This is where crazy-techie will always be with you if you are starting with any language or technology then what so ever resource you follow but will always guide you to follow the same article series on corresponding technology and feel the result.

              How Crazy-Techie was Started?

The complete journey of the start of a wonderful blog reflects the journey of an individual named "Raghav Agrawal" And all his barriers in his technical journey.

When I was in college in my second semester in the year 2019 I have attended one seminar on trending technologies and their impact on society. For the past many years, I have been so keen on the technologies and the seminar has provided him a spark to learn and get into his most lovable technology as Data Science. The journey was not so easy.

He decided to learn about blockchain and Big Data. not having enough cash to enroll in heavy courses is not an option so all began with free resources available on the web. He has no mentors, no guidance even from college faculty in respective technology to clear doubts and choose the right path. And finally due to not having enough space in a laptop to perform practically ended only with theoretical knowledge after 7 months. Between this, the love for data has occupied a massive space in his heart. And then began his data science journey again with free resources and between all these, he has to travel multiple websites, tutorials to find a correct path to learn techniques and methods that can simply be digested and implemented.

After all these, he was capable to build a network but has taken a lot of time and decided to build a small platform that can help all the enthusiast learns to learn with the correct flow in the right direction with the correct path and easy to follow content. And all these combined in a form of crazy-techie.

Thank You! 😊

Let us unite to learn, contribute, and grow together in the highly competitive market

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