Can Machines Be More Intelligent than Humans?

Hello, This is an Interesting Tutorial that will clear your most of the Myths related to booming Edge technology like Machine Learning and its use case in Automation.
Can Machines be smarter than Humans? Answering this question hinges on the definition of Artificial Intelligence. 

Computers are more adept at solving some complex problems, unique skill sets, but humans hold the edge on tasks that machines simply can't perform. 

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  1. Can Machine Replace the Humans
  2. AIML Automation Myth in Job Sector
  3. Why AIML Rocks on stage?
  4. Conclusion
Can Machines be Intelligent than humans?

The rising power of computers and technological advancement has reenergized the debate of the intelligence of machines compared to humans. And due to advances in Artificial Intelligence, there is some myth revolving around us. Through this article, I will try to discuss some parameters which will clear all your myth and make your Machine Learning journey enjoyable.

There is one thing that machines cannot learn, which is intuition, rather than everything can be modeled. emotions can be modeled, creativity can be modeled. eg: there is a bot that paints with help of some inbuilt algorithms.

Can Machine Replace the Humans?

To some extent, Machines are very well powerful than humans, but cannot replace humans in any kind of job. In some of the things machines are very fast like memory and storage which machines provide, cannot be done by Humans and that much is of no need. But there are some expertise areas where machines cannot be implemented or reached.

AIML Automation Myth in Job in Corporate Sector

This is a myth that due to AIML there is a decrease in the job ratio. How many of you think so? If your answer is YES, then please put your reason in the comment section below, and after reading this article what's your thinking. Is it the same, or a little bit of change?

If we go back five to ten decades, this thinking came due to some industries, like the mechanical industry which is so formed, that people start thinking that Mechanical Industry has no scope because the tasks which were manually performed are now automated through bots and machines. But tell me is there a requirement for humans to control the bot? It does not mean that the industry has become revolutionary so, jobs are decreasing. 
So, due to AIML one type of job will reduce, but another type of job will increase at a very high rate. Today, everyone needs AI, even a tea stall on a street corner also requires AI.

The thing is the kind of requirement has changed, It's not that the industry has a shortage of jobs. Because most people from the mechanical sector think, we need to learn ML, 4 years of engineering is of no use. How many of you think like this? here is an example to clear your Myth.
Consider there is one mechanical company that works on AC maintenance, needs to implement AIML in their work so, now computer engineer who knows Machine Learning or Mechanical engineer who knows Machine Learning can better handle the task. Of course mechanical engineer.

So try to understand the requirements and changes happening around us. I hope the myth is clear. If you are visualizing and thinking about such a kind of industry, then if you are going with ML, the top-up Which is going to rise in Machine Learning will bring many revolutionary inventions and provide many opportunities and areas to work along.  

There are many cases where people came from different backgrounds and upgrade their skills and make a successful transition in different tech.

Why AIML Rocks on Stage?

It is used to draw your business application in an efficient and more secure way and helps to develop and grow a network that's why AIML is rocking. I will give you one innovative real-life example by which I was also shocked at first, He sells, Roasted Nuts on Dubai Airlines and he has implemented a Machine Learning system to sorts and group the Nuts based on quality automatically like Export-quality, mediocre or worst quality. It works without any supervision based on size, weight, and some more. How many got shocked by this example.


Now, I hope you are clear with the Myths floating around us regarding the Automation sector by the advancement in the technological area. From the coming article, we are going to start with the life cycle of Machine learning and Machine learning tasks and how to choose a task based on a particular output we desire.

Keep reading, Happy learning.


If you have any doubt or suggestions then, please let me know.

  1. Nice and inspirational article.

  2. Information provided is really very helpful..Bt its human who invented machin so machine can't be more intelligent than human

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